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QGHG-2021 Team members

Photo of Marko Vojinovic Dr. Marko VojinovićAssociate Research Professor (team leader)
Photo of Aleksandar Mikovic Dr. Aleksandar MikovićFull Research Professor (diaspora)
Photo of Milovan Vasilic Dr. Milovan VasilićFull Research Professor (retired)
Photo of Bojan Nikolic Dr. Bojan NikolićAssociate Research Professor
Photo of Igor Salom Dr. Igor SalomAssociate Research Professor
Photo of Tijana Radenkovic Dr. Tijana RadenkovićResearch Assistant
Photo of Danijel Obric Dr. Danijel ObrićResearch Assistant
Photo of Ilija Ivanisevic Dr. Ilija IvaniševićResearch Assistant